A Land of Over 800 Bird Species

    West Bengal, nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, is a dream destination for bird enthusiasts. With over 800 avian species, it boasts the highest bird count amongst all Indian states.

    Train Journey to New Jalpaiguri

    Our birding adventure began with a train journey from Howrah to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) on the Bandivada Express. The scenic beauty outside the window complemented the delicious breakfast and lunch served on the train.

    Unexpected Encounter: The Red-headed Trogon

    Upon reaching NJP, we embarked on a car ride through mesmerizing forests. Little did we know, we’d encounter a red-headed trogon, a highly sought-after bird, right on the road – a perfect start to our birding trip!

    Setting Up Base: Lot Pancha Homestay

    Our accommodation for the trip was the Lot Pancha Homestay. It’s provided clean, comfortable lodging and quality food.

    Birding Extravaganza Begins: Himalayan Cuckoo and Darjeeling Woodpecker

    The next day, we embarked on an early morning birding expedition around Lot Pancha and Maldiram. The melodious calls of the Himalayan cuckoo, another lifer for me, filled the air. We were further delighted to spot the magnificent Darjeeling woodpecker.

    A Trail of Colorful Discoveries

    Exploring a nearby trail, we were treated to a dazzling array of birds. The fire-breasted flowerpecker, rusty-fronted barwing, silver-eared mesia, and the elusive Himalayan cutia – each sighting a thrilling addition to our birding list.


    Afternoon Adventures: The Long-tailed Broadbill

    The afternoon session, though with less bird activity, yielded a sighting of the long-tailed broadbill, also known as the helmet bird, another target species successfully spotted.

    Pushing Limits: Collared Falconet and the Great Indian Hornbill

    Our final birding foray aimed to find the collared falconet and the Great Indian hornbill.

    Lungchu Bird Watching Place

    Another ideal place to visit the bird is Lunchu. If you want to see the birds here, you must have at least one night in Skyline Retreat Lungchu. In the morning, you can see various types of birds such as spngld drngo, gry bushcht, whtblled buscht, orngrstd nuthatch, blufrntd niltva, grysided Blckbrd, chntslder petronia.

    Unforgettable Memories and a Promise to Return

    Reflecting on the trip, while we covered most of our target species, the urge to return to La Pancha and Homestay in Lungchu remained strong. Next time, the sights of the elusive Horner’s frogmouth and the Rufous-necked hornbill await

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